In the context of the Horizon 2020 Project CANVAS ( we organized an international workshop on “Cybersecurity Challenges in the Government Sphere – Ethical, Legal and Technical Aspects” in Bern Switzerland. The following issues are discussed at the workshop:

Track 1: Active Countermeasures, Attribution & Retaliation: Speakers will discuss questions such as: When is an attribution secure enough to justify a retaliation? What ethical implications arise in the relationship between nations if attribution is not so clear and may be (ab)used for political pressure? Is it possible to form an internationally recognized body that can be tasked with attribution?

Track 2: Vulnerabilities, Zero Day Exploits, Backdoors and a states right to access protected information in the cyberspace: Speakers will discuss advantages and disadvantages of different approaches such as Zero Day vulnerability disclosure or obligations to implement backdoors in operating systems, their ethical, technical and juridical implications.

Track 3: Cyber Peace: There are many controversial discussions about cyber war, if this is currently happening, how the concept of sovereignty which most often includes borders can be handled in the digi- tal space and if belligerent actions should be regulated by international law. We would like to flip the discussion. Speakers talk about how cyber peace would look like and how it could be achieved.


  • Laura Crespo, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Felix Freiling University Erlangen-Nuernberg
  • Erka Koivunen, F-Secure, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Reto Inversini, Swiss Government Computer Emergency Response Team
  • Paul Meyer, ICT4Peace Senior advisor
  • George Lucas, US Naval postgraduate schooler Warfare
  • John Scott Railton, University of Toronto Citizenlab
  • Antti Tikkanen, Google; Leader of security team
  • Nicole van-der-Meulen, Europol
  • Liis Vihul, Cyber Law International

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2018/09/05–06: Workshop “Cybersecurity Challenges in the Government Sphere: Ethical, Legal and Technical Aspects”, Bern, Switzerland