CANVAS is open for any institution that is interested in helping to pursue value-sensitive cybersecurity and who wants to contribute to the discussion. Alliance-construction will be both top-down and bottom-up. The top-down process executed by CANVAS will pursue as follows:

  1. In a first step, the consortium partners will approach institutions and organizations to which they already have established contacts.
  2. In a second step, we will approach representatives of selected former or running EU projects that have or do generate insights into the cybersecurity problem.
  3. In a third step, we will identify “missing gaps” and we will search for additional partners for closing these gaps.

By “bottom-up” we refer to the possibility that any institution or individual person who learns about the activities of CANVAS can contact us ( and apply for becoming a member of the CANVAS alliance.

Benefits for Becoming Involved

CANVAS alliance partners will…

  • Receive a quarterly newsletter updating them on any activities (research, conferences etc.) that relate to value-sensitive cybersecurity.
  • Be invited to workshops and other events organized by CANVAS
  • Can ask for the possibility to contribute to the CANVAS Deliverables, in particular to the MOOC.   Read more »
  • Can provide input to the agenda-setting process on how the European Commission should in future tackle the issue of value-driven cybersecurity

In the course of developing the CANVAS Alliance, we will explore further possibilities for community construction.

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