Members from the CANVAS consortium are present at this year’s joint conference of CEPE and ETHICOMP from June 5-8 in Torino, where experts of computer ethics discuss philosophical, professional, and practical aspects of the field. They present the paper “A Review of Value-Conflicts in Cybersecurity” (link to programme).

The Brocher Foundation hosts a CANVAS Workshop

On June 12-14 2017, CANVAS organizes the workshop “Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare – Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects” at the Brocher Foundation, a meeting and reflexion venue on the ethical, legal and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies (link to the event).

CANVAS at the conference “Managing Risk in the Digital Society”

Authors from the CANVAS consortium are present at the 13th International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics on “Managing Risks in the Digital Society” (Barcelona, 29-30 June 2017). They present the paper “Building a cybersecurity culture in the EU through mandatory notification of data breaches and incidents” (link to the event).

CANVAS at CPDP 2017 in Brussels

On January 26th 2017, from 14.15-15.30, CANVAS hosted a panel at this year’s “Computers, Privacy & Data Protection” conference in Brussels. Among others, Chief Research Officer of F-Secure Mikko Hermanni Hypp√∂nen has outlined ethical challenges in Cybersecurity (read more).

Newsletter 2017/01