As cybersecurity affects all domains of ICT applications, CANVAS uses a two-dimensional approach for organizing its work:

  • Work Packages (WP) aggregate all activities that follow the same methodological doctrine. Each Work Package is led by a Consortium partner and consists of several tasks. CANVAS consists of 8 WPs in total.
  • Domains aggregate activities across WPs that deal with the same thematic issue. CANVAS focuses on three domains: health, business and finance, and law enforcement and national security. Each domain is led by a consortium partner.  Read more »

The eight Work Packages can be grouped as follows:

WPs 1-4: Their main function is to consolidate existing knowledge in the domains of ethics, law, empirical (sociological), and technological research related to cybersecurity. This will be done with a specific focus on the three social spheres under consideration.

WPs 6-8: They aim to create the three main output deliverables of CANVAS (Briefing Packages, Reference Curriculum, MOOC). Where applicable, a reference to the domains under consideration will me made (e.g., when pointing to specific examples).   Read more »

WP 5: This is the integrating unit that includes community built-up and workshop organization. It is thus the Work Package that includes all relevant management procedures and is led by the coordinating institution (University of Zurich).