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Meeting 2016/09/12–13

CANVAS Kick-off in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland


The Think Digital Summit

On September 12 and 13, all members of the CANVAS Consortium came together for launching the project. The main purpose of the meeting was to settle several administrative issues and to organize the work in the first year of CANVAS, which mainly consists in generating the knowledge base for the meetings. Four White Papers on ethical, legal, social science and technological issues of cybersecurity will be produced in the first year and made public available on the CANVAS website.

The CANVAS Kick-off in Zurich overlapped with the opening of the “UZH Digital Society Initiative” of the University of Zurich, the coordinating institution of CANVAS. The DSI provides an academic platform for promoting critical, interdisciplinary reflection and innovation on all aspects of the digitization of society and the sciences – and the Zurich research part of CANVAS will be integrated into this large initiative (more on: