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Conference 2016/11/29

The Think Digital Summit

Brussels, Belgium


CANVAS Kick-off in Zurich

Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 2017

The impact of the Digital Single Market was at the epicentre of The Think Digital Summit together with Commissioner for Digital Economy G. Oettinger, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, and MEP Marietje Schaake on Tuesday 29th November 2016, in Brussels.

Emad Yaghmaei from CANVAS project together with representatives of National Authorities, industry and academia discussed about ‘Cyber space and security for business’, looking into the challenges, threats and the need for cooperation in areas of critical infrastructure such as energy, health, transport and finance and between the public and private sector.

Emad Yaghmaei, who was a speaker at the conference, said: “Cybersecurity, as a process, needs a normative underpinning that is based on the values of our businesses and society”, “We should articulate our needs based on our values and use these values as functional requirement in Cybersecurity design”, “The digital ecosystem needs to be inclusive in terms of values; it has to include the values of businesses, customers, and policy makers.”