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Workshop 2017/11/22

Dr. Cyber – or who actually takes care of our digital health?

ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Brocher Foundation Geneva: Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare

Computers, Privacy & Data Protection 2018

In the workshop “Dr. Cyber – or who actually takes care of our digital health?”, experts from the fields of academia, administration, business, and civil society discussed the question of which cyber risks are implicated by the digitization of the health care system and what conclusions can be drawn from this. In the course of the discussion, it became clear that cybersecurity is indeed a necessary condition for the protection of central values such as data security, privacy and trust in the digital infrastructure of the health care system. At the same time, however, this demand for secure digitalization is also in conflict with numerous other values that also characterize the health care system – examples are efficiency, care (rapid access in an emergency), equality (e.g., with regard to usability), innovation or economy.

The technical aspects of cybersecurity could hardly be separated in the discussion from more far-reaching questions about the role and significance of data in the changing health care system, which is facing serious challenges (e.g., cost pressure). In the course of the debates, three questions emerged which the participants of the workshop would like to deepen further in the form of an article. These three rather short articles (approx. 10,000 characters) are to be placed in a suitable place (newspapers or magazines); the organization team of the workshop is responsible for the coordination and final editing. Those three subject areas are: With which values does cybersecurity come into conflict? What is the role of cybersecurity in the cultural change of the health system? How can cybersecurity support trust in a digitalized medicine?