Reference Curriculum

The goal of the reference curriculum is to integrate the value perspective into cybersecurity design decisions, with a particular focus on industry training programs. It will be developed upon the basis of the identification of good practices of teaching ethics, responsible science, technology and engineering, and design at the (technical) universities that are part of the consortium.

Focus on CANVAS Domains

For the development of the reference curriculum, we make use of the growing body of literature on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) which helps us to come up with the criteria by which we can assess the quality of practices at the different educational institutes. The project also make use of recent insights in educational studies, in order to guarantee that the reference curriculum is contributing to what in the future will be state of the art and that it includes innovative educational design methods, especially with regards to online forms of teaching. Moreover, we study existing curricula, courses, and other educational practices in the different educational institutes in Europe that make up the consortium.

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