Past Events

2019/06/25 | The Hague, Netherlands

Disinformation as cybersecurity threat: value considerations and ethical issues

Workshop in The Hague

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2019/06/19 | Brussels, Belgium

Value-driven Cybersecurity: Which Security? Whose Values?

Conference in Brussels

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2019/06/11-12 | Dublin, Ireland

Ethics, Privacy and Cybersecurity for Business

Ethics, Privacy and Cybersecurity for Business Workshop

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2019/05/13-14 | Lausanne, Switzerland

Ethical dilemmas in strategical and operational cybersecurity at State level

Workshop in Lausanne

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2019/05/02-03 | Zurich, Switzerland

Conference on Autonomous Security Systems

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Autonomous Security Systems

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2019/03/25–26 | Bamberg, Germany

IT Security and Privacy

Workshop on Technical Challenges, Ethical Conflicts, and Practical Solutions

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2018/09/24–26 | Zurich, Switzerland


Living with Cybersecurity: A Shared Responsibility

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2018/09/05–06 | Bern, Switzerland

Challenges in the Government Sphere

Ethical, Legal and Technical Aspects

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2018/05/28–29 | Helsinki, Finland

Value-sensitive Cybersecurity Industry

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2018/04/24–25 | Regensburg, Germany

Value-sensitive Cybersecurity in Health

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2018/01/24 | Brussels, Belgium


My data was compromised: how am I supposed to fix it? Data breach notification and privacy

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2017/11/22 | ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Cyber

Who takes care of our digital health?

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2017/06/12–14 | Zurich, Switzerland

Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare

Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects – CANVAS Workshop at Brocher Foundation Geneva

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2017/01/26 | Brussels, Belgium


The Ethical Challenges of Cybersecurity

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2016/11/29 | Brussels, Belgium

Think Digital Summit

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2016/09/12–13 | Zurich, Switzerland

CANVAS Kick-off

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