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Conference 2019/05/02-03

Conference on Autonomous Security Systems

Zurich, Switzerland


IT Security and Privacy

Ethical dilemmas in strategical and operational cybersecurity at State level

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Autonomous Security Systems

An international conference to be held at the University of Zurich in Switzerland on May 2nd-3rd, 2019, aims to explore the ethical and legal aspects of autonomous systems in the security sector. Among others, autonomous systems in cybersecurity are discussed in the conference, that is co-supported by CANVAS.

Keynote speakers

Philip G. Alston, New York University and UN Special Rapporteur
Extreme Poverty and Human Rights: Artificial Intelligence as a Threat to Human Rights?

Joanna Bryson, Bath University
Human Security and Machine Autonomy

Mary Manjikian, Robertson School of Government at Regent University
Cybersecurity, Crisis Stability and Trust in Autonomous Warfare

Patrick Lin, California Polytechnic State University
AI in Defense and Security: Ethics and First Principles

Robert Sparrow, Monash University
Might autonomous weapons be mala in se?

Shannon Vallor, Santa Clara University
The New Cyberweapons: How Bots, Trolls, and Sockpuppets Compromise Security by Undermining Civic Integrity