This international and interdisciplinary workshop, is part of a series of events organized by the Horizon 2020 project CANVAS. Our event brings together scholars and practitioners. This includes actors who need protection for themselves or for their organization as well as those who have to deal with the consequences of untraceability and online anonymity.

At the workshop computer scientists, legal professionals, journalists, and policy makers will share their experience and discuss what can or cannot be solved with technology and which ethical choices should be considered. Besides talks and plenty of time for discussion, there will be two sessions with hands-on operational security (OpSec) trainings, for persons exposed to a high level of risk, such as journalists, lawyers, medical professionals, and activists. The outcomes of the workshop will serve as input for the deliverables of CANVAS.

Program Overview

SESSION 1: We need more security! Protecting high-value secrets and vulnerable humans

SESSION 2: Operational security training I: Why is it so difficult to get it right

SESSION 3: Hacking to help: moral and legal difficulties of independent security research

SESSION 4: Anonymity on the internet: challenges for activists and law enforcement

SESSION 5: Exploits and exploration: balancing harm and utility in academia and practice

SESSION 6: Your privacy is important to us: conflicts in the corporate environment

SESSION 7: Operational security training II: pragmatic recommendations for the paranoid

List of speakers

ALEXANDER VON GERNLER, head of research at genua GmbH and vice president of Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

ANNE ROTH, senior advisor for digital policy in the German federal parliament

CHRISTIAN SCHORR, senior public prosecutor at Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Bamberg / Zentrum Cybercrime Bayern

FABIAN BETERKE, security researcher at MWR InfoSecurity

FABIAN PRASSER, data privacy researcher at TU München

GARI WALKOWITZ, corporate ethics researcher at TU München

HANNES MUNZINGER, investigative journalist at Süddeutsche Zeitung

HANNES SAARINEN, data protection officer at F-Secure

HANNO BÖCK, journalist and security researcher

JENS KUBIEZIEL, privacy activist at Zwiebelfreunde e.V.

NINJA MARNAU, senior legal researcher at CISPA Helmoltz Center for Information Security

OKSANA KULYK, usable security and privacy researcher at ITU Copenhagen

PHILIPP WINTER, internet data scientist at CAIDA

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