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Workshop 2019/05/13-14

Ethical dilemmas in strategical and operational cybersecurity at State level

Lausanne, Switzerland


Conference on Autonomous Security Systems

Ethics, Privacy and Cybersecurity for Business

Our international workshop on "Ethical dilemmas in strategical and operational cybersecurity at State level" in Lausanne, Switzerland will begin with a focus on ethical issues in day-to-day operations for penetration testers, operators of critical infrastructure, and CERTs providing technical reaction to threats. Towards the end, we will broaden the scope to furthermore look at value-driven creation of new regulations and standards.

Program Overview

SESSION 1: Ethical dilemmas for pen-testers and operators of critical infrastructure

SESSION 2: Ethical dilemmas during technical reaction

KEYNOTE: Cyberpeace requires Free Software

SESSION 3: Protecting values in strategic plans for better cyber security

SESSION 4: Enforcing the law in cyberspace

SESSION 5: Approaches for knowledge-based collaborative solutions

Keynote speakers

Melanie Rieback, Radically Open Security

Benjamin Kunz Mejri, Evolution Security GmbH

Stephane Bortzmeyer, AFNIC

Freddy Dezeure, Independent management consultant

Tomi Tuominen, F-Secure

Reto Inversini and Andreas Greulich, MELANI

Richard M. Stallman, The GNU Project

Manuel Suter, National Coordination Center (Switzerland)

Nouschka Auwema, NCSC-NL

Juha Röning, Universtiy of Oulu

Harald Zwingelberg, ULD Schleswig-Holstein

Stephan Walder, Staatsanwaltschaft II des Katons Zürich

Daniel Plohmann, Fraunhofer FKIE

Martin Dion, Kudelski Security

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